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We at Coronis aim at providing sharp, timely and accurate BUY and SELL signals that can help you by not only adding an intrinsic value to portfolio but also reap a consistent and healthy investment return on your investment. By using our portal you have an expert trader's opinion and decision making skill at your disposal. You can thus, tap into the wisdom of an experienced trader.


  • A common platform for the traders and investors alike.

  • Traders can access the INTRADAY calls, the investors can access the TERM BASED calls. Term based calls are classified as SHORT-TERM, MEDIUM-TERM, LONG-TERM calls.

  • Provides BUY / SELL signals on stocks for every trade day.

  • Daily trade related values for any stock w.r.t both the exchanges, BSE & NSE.

  • Markets View representing the closing values of Indian bourses alongside the other popular world indices ranging from AMER, EMEA, APAC.

  • Performance History - A graphical plot (Price + Volume against Time) of every stock's performance over a chosen time range (Week / Month / Year).

  • Health - An indication of how healthy the investment would be given the current scenario and the prevailing market conditions w,r.t the stock currently chosen.

  • Pulse - An indicator of the strength and the daily interest in the stock currently chosen

  • Progress Report - A report indicating the yield and the percentage of return (P&L) you would have incurred as of today on the stock chosen, depending on your when you invested.

  • Event Calendar - A calendar view that neatly depicts the important dates and events lined up in the month (if any) for the stock chosen. Alongside this, it also displays if there are any other events of greater significance that can affect the performance of the stock in any way.

  • Term / Horizon Based View - An indicator of whether or not the investment on the stock chosen is feasible for SHORT / MEDIUM / LONG terms.

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  • Trade Calls
  • Health, Pulse
  • Performance History
  • Progress Report
  • Event Calendar
  • Term Horizon Based View
Our Mission
  • To be a pioneering organisation in data analysis w.r.t the stock markets across the world.
  • Enhance and spread the awareness of the markets across a wide sect of people.
  • To provide all the data required by traders / investors in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Help traders / investors with trade calls in accord with their horizon of investment.
  • Enable overall growth of all investors and people involved with us always.