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Welcome to CORONIS

Coronis is a portal related to the Indian stock markets aimed at providing timely and accurate BUY and SELL signals that can help your trade.


Data becomes information only after it is thoroughly processed by an intelligent system so that the end user who is using it can make exact sense of it all. And, in the stock markets, more often than not it is the TIME at which you can get your hands on such information that determines whether you make or lose money. Timely availability of relevant information becomes crucial and the need of the hour. We are here to provide you with the data that you would need to carry out your trades depending on and according to when you need them. So, start putting our data into use and turn it into knowledge at your end.

Risk Warning

Investing in the stock markets carries a high degree of risk. In spite of all the precautionary measures taken to manage risk effectively, you may lose more money than invested in each of the trades that you carry out. Coronis intends to provide you with information and educational information only. The information provided by us does not constitute a recommendation and should not be construed and acted upon as such. The portal provides you with the access to an action only for your convenience, but by following it and acting upon it you will be solely responsible for all your trading decisions.

Please make sure you read our online disclaimer before you proceed any further.

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Our Mission
  • To be a pioneering organisation in data analysis w.r.t the stock markets across the world.
  • Enhance and spread the awareness of the markets across a wide sect of people.
  • To provide all the data required by traders / investors in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Help traders / investors with trade calls in accord with their horizon of investment.
  • Enable overall growth of all investors and people involved with us always.